The Cult of Celebrity
What Our Fascination with the Stars Reveals about Us

Skirt! Books Paperback

Available: 2009


America's fast-growing religion is—let's face it—celebrity worship. From gossip magazines to entertainment TV, from blogs to ads featuring famous faces, the stars are our new gods and goddesses. Their lives often seem as (or more) important than our own. But why are we so quick to put them on pedestals? Why are we even more spellbound when they topple back down to earth?
In The Cult of Celebrity, Cooper Lawrence points both to the benefits and dangers of celebrity worship not only to society but also to us—our spending habits, health, social awareness, attitude toward personal failure and toward relationships, and above all, our self-image.
Drawing on the latest research as well as interviews with fans, entertainment industry insiders, and celebrities (Fran Drescher, Kevin Federline, Edwin McCain, and Marcia Gay Harden, to name but a few), The Cult of Celebrity is as accessible and sassy as it is thought-provoking.


"Do you find yourself constantly worrying about Jen's lovelife? Britney's mental health and Suri's thumbsucking? You've become a full fledged member of the cult of celebrity. Luckily, there's a new antidote--Cooper Lawrence--who will talk you through the reasons why star obsession is A-List OK.


If you've ever wondered if your celebrity obsession is dangerous to your health, then dig into Cooper Lawrence's new investigation into the cult of celebrity. From digging into the historical roots of star worship to the inner workings of the Hollywood machine, you'll finally understand why celebrities really do matter"
- Bonnie Fuller  cofounder of Bonnie Fuller Media, blogger Huffington Post, New York Times, and two-time Advertising Age 'Editor of the Year'


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The Cult of Perfection
Make Peace With Your Inner Overachiever

The Globe Pequot Press / Skirt! Magazine

Pub. Date: January 2008


For some women, success is a relative term. One in six women is an overachiever, constantly striving to do more, better, faster, and look fabulous at all times—so if you are looking around the room at your five closest friends thinking they’re all slackers, it’s you! You know who you are: the successful woman who feels competitive with her own friends and family members; the stick-thin athlete who won’t stop working out; the guilt-ridden executive who always feels she has to do more than others to stay ahead; the grown-up "Little Miss Perfect" who can’t stop being the Stepford wife and mother. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you achieve, your life remains totally out of balance. Achievements should not be the total measure of how a woman feels about herself.

Syndicated radio talk-show host Cooper Lawrence has been there. With humor and compassion, she helps readers assess the overachiever’s goals, their states of mind, the pressure from their families . . . and lets them know it’s not a bad thing to be an overachiever—some people are just born that way! Cooper’s book defines the physical and emotional effects of someone who suffers from the big "O," explains why she does it, and offers a reality check and advice on creating balance. With common sense and "Tales from the Treadmill" case studies, this book explores the best ways to do it all and still achieve real success—self-acceptance.

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The Fixer Upper Man

Adams Media / Polka Dot Press

Pub. Date: January 2008


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Been There, Done That, Kept The Jewelry

Adams Media / Polka Dot Press

Pub. Date: October 2006


Lets see ... there’s The Clingy Guy who just wont take a hint, The Hot Guy who looks terrible on paper but great on your arm, then there's also The Bachelor who will tie you up just so long as you don't tie him down. So many men, so wrong for you! Been There Done That Kept The Jewelry explores the litany of men whom you date before finding The One! Then in the second half of the book you are taken through a step-by-step process called The Essentials, your individual, specific keys to finding your Mr. Right. Have no fear expiration daters, help is on the way!


"Been There, Done That, Kept The Jewelry rang so true! Any woman who’s been dating and single in New York has without a doubt come in contact with - or has known someone who has – every single type of man in the book! Cooper Lawrence has created the ultimate dating guide for women."
-Lisa Gastineau


"Lawrence manages to combine playful anecdotes with harsh realities beautifully in this page turner every single woman must read!"

-Jai Rodriquez, Bravo’s Queer Eye For the Straight Guy


"Dating can be a painful experience, its nice to throw a little humor on the subject."
-Rachel Perry VH1


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CosmoGIRL! Quiz Book All About Guys

Sterling Publications

Pub. Date: May 2004


The cool CosmoGIRL! always wants to know all she can about guys—and how she relates to those desirable hotties. Now, by just having a great time answering these fun quizzes, she can get the full scoop and improve her “boyfriend smarts.” Should she be the one to ask a boy out? How can she tell if a guy is into her? Who’s her dream date—and is the man she has a “keeper”? With quizzes that help determine a gal’s flirting style, to loyalty tests for two, every page will prove irresistible.

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